Be Bold With Colorful Eye Liner to Pop-Up Eyes

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Eye liner is the important thing in eye-make-up that defines eyes.  Colorful eyeliner brings dramatic glam in you makeup noticed by everyone. Colorful liner application is so simple yet need protection to get desired look.  You can look gorgeous with colorful liner to make you day special.  New-year, Christmas, wedding, valentines and collage parties are best occasion to rock on with colorful eye-liner. Upper, lower lush lines ate amazing complement with cheerful make-up. You can apply colorful liner in different way sushi as:
•    Do nothing just pick favorite liner color liner and apply.  Color have own meaning and attraction some color bring bold accent and some bring romantic vibe. So carefully select color according to situation.
•    Pencil liner is best option of beginner. It’s easy to apply then eye shad liner application.
•    You can do artistic eye make up with colored liner. Draw geometrical shapes for bold and daring looks.  First trace lines on upper and lower lids and then applies liner for neat look.

Bold eyes with double liner:

1 warmth look with colored eye-liner (5)

When you desire to give visible look you eye on face then define eye with eye liner.  Smoky and thicker liner in single shade is out dated fashion. Try something new which truly create a feel of drama and boldness. Yellow is wonderful palette for eye liner uplift you face beauty and highlight features.  Double liner is become iconic trend this time. Its captivating ideas if you avoided to ally shaded on eyes.  Firstly make wing line in upper lash line with black liner and then draw second just above the black line.  This over is enthralling neon look for bold girls.

Double liner for warmth look:


Bring individuality and innovative accent in smoky eye-look through adding color. Color is part of live. Now in these day colorful liner become hot fashion amazingly used in each eye-make up. Here turquoise liner is applying with black liner to great warmth smoky look. Black thick liner is apply first and then shimmery turquoise shade is flawless apply on upper and lower line. Half thin line is draw along the wing tip line from end while half line on inner eye is drawing on the inside. Colorful double line eye-line is impeccable eye-make tip that never let down you statement look.

Multi-color winged eye-liner:

3 warmth look with colored eye-liner (6)

Mostly I look that women bring in all cosmetic accessories but do not have any ideas about how to apply them. In these day colorful liner are richly introduced in electric purple, cobalt blue, bright yellow, peacock green, turquoise and red hue to bring highlight eyes with spectrum eye make.  Shade is also applied as eye liner.  Here two different shades are combining to apply singly liner. Mint, royal, ocean, Plumeria and obsidian shades consume for this dreamt party eye-makeup. Three colors amazingly smudge to draw classic liner in professional way.

Electric Blue eyeliner for trendy look:

4 Blue eyeliner ideas

Electric blue is megawatt shade fabulously applied as eyeliner to get neon look.  Colorful eye-liner comes in front due to their opulence and magical hues. Electric and cobalt blue is vibrant shades switch out neutral makeup.  Colorful eye is noticeable feature on face which glow you feminine charm. Electric blue shade are splendidly apply in  wing, round up, double flick, soft smoke and double mod liner style highlight eyes.  Blue liner defines eyes with light shadow and peach lipstick.

Rainbow eye-liner:

5 rainbow eye liner ideas

Here all primary color are combining to get bold and chic   neon look without going too over. Rainbow inspired classical liner is draw by mixing all rainbow shades. Seven eye-shades apply in small portion along the lash line for brightened and magical look.  It perfect eye-make up for spring day. You can ally it with casual and part wears. Trendy bride also love this magnificent make-up ideas to get delicate look on their big-day.

Peacock eye make-up:

6 colorfull eye liner ideas

I love peacock shades really bring magical glance in women beauty. Peacock is symbolized for beauty. Colorful eye-make in peacock hue is stunning option for spring and summers.  Geek eye shadows in  cream, ice queens  yellow and peacock green  is dramatically apply to  round-up eyes for party styling. Peacock liner is applied on upper lash line in wing style to give bold touch while ice queen and peacock combines for inner eye liner. Peacock is applying from the inner corner while ice queen cover major portion of inner liner.

Omber eye-liner:

7attractive eye liner for women

 Daring eye-makeup:

8 cute look with colorfull eyeliner

Cute purple eye liner:

9 warmth look with colored eye-liner (3)

 Colorful eye-line for artistic look:

10 warmth look with colored eye-liner (2)

Glitter eye liner:

11 amazing colorfull eye liner

black and yellow eye liner ideas

blue eye liner ides

different color eye liner ideas

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